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Physiotherapy Institute in Kolkata

Nabajiban is Best organization that provides Physiotherapy Institute in Kolkata, rehabilitation services through integrated education, medical care, training, child etc.

We providing Physiotherapy services for the last few years. With the pioneering concept of integration and inclusion, Nabajiban is running a school in Delhi and Gwalior, where there are more than 500 and 300 children, respectively Equal numbers are studied simultaneously without disability.

Nabajiban is Best organization that provides Physiotherapy Institute in Kolkata and also offers Bachelor of Physiotherapy training in our Physiotherapy Institute. In addition to all patients, medical care and rehabilitation services are provided free of cost to all school children, economically weaker sections of society and people. Nabajiban is running a community-based rehabilitation project in 10 Kolkata, where all necessary services are provided for rehabilitation. Nabajiban Institute of Physiotherapy (affiliated to Kolkata University) organizes a 4-year Bachelor of Physiotherapy Program (includes six months internship). The curriculum has sometimes been developed keeping in mind the growing knowledge base, which is anchored in scientific proofs. The teaching problem is based on the institute and our highly qualified and clinically oriented faculty use a variety of contemporary academic strategies and laboratory-based instructional techniques.

In fulfilling the needs of the society's health care, Physiotherapy Institute in Kolkata has done the first step in the form of education and training of physiotherapy physicians. The institute's management and faculty see physical therapy as a profession, whose main purpose is to prevent, identify, correct or reduce the conditions arising as a result of various disorders, through the application of scientific principles, human health and work To promote / Or procrastination of movement.

The mission of Nabajiban Institute of Physiotherapy is:

"Provide leadership, management skills and resources for the advancement of the practice of education, scholarship, public service and physiotherapy". In an effort to fulfill this mission, the Institute has defined the following goals:

  • Structure an intellectual atmosphere in which both students and faculty can integrate and transmit knowledge.
  • Create an environment that invites the discovery of learning and learning process.
  • Serve the educational and service needs of the organization and professional community on a large scale.
  • Enter the future with academic leadership, providing models of education that meet the current and expected practice requirements.

Physiotherapy is a health science that is particularly related to inequality related to neurosocialcosuloscale system and the problems arising from it. The basic unit of physiotherapy treatment is 'movements' - at many levels - macro body level, specific muscle and joint level and a molecular level.

Movement exercises used in rehabilitation exercises include procedures that work at the level of nerves, muscles and joints, while physical methods are convenient to the body's treatment processes (electrical stimulation, sound waves, electromagnetic waves). To create a motivational movement at the molecular level. Regardless of the level, physiotherapy involves the overall rehabilitation of the body, the brain and its energies and the patient.

Physiotherapists in Kolkata are specially placed in the form of physicians, who are in the management of problems caused by inequality and / or procrastination of Neuromycosis. Their training includes the deep knowledge of movement of neuroscience, along with problems caused by dyscensia (abnormal movement) and pathogenesis of the pain.

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