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Physiotherapy Course in Kolkata

Nabajiban started Physiotherapy course in Kolkata journey in few years ago.The institute is located in 10 acres of evergreen complex with a domestic atmosphere and is almost Industry Personality Students benefit directly from the professional environment in which they study and live. Nabajiban is fully prepared to meet the challenge and demand of professionals, gradually reducing the gap between demand and supply, continuously. Top grade experts produce The college is gradually making a place for itself and it is not compromising with quality.If you are interested in coming to our Physiotherapy course in Kolkata, then call us at 8337002626 and contribute to the Best Physiotherapy course.

Our Course Avalaible are:

Bachelor of physiotherapy

Course objective: Physiotherapy is the branch of medical care related to the area of rehabilitation. The study of physiotherapy will enable you to work as a health.

Professional demand for skilled and qualified physiotherapists is increasing in the organized health sector. India's BPT degree qualification is recognized in many developed countries We welcome you in the field of healthcare with some interesting experiences and exciting careers.

Under study: A physiotherapist studies various medical topics such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, pathology, psychology.

Along with Orthopedics, Medicine, Surgery and Neurology, Biomactics, Exercise Therapy, Electrotherapy, Research, Static, Computer and Medical Ethics.

Bachelor of optometry

Course objective: Optometry is related to the health care profession, which is in sight, visual system and visual information processing along with the eye and related structures.

Optometrist is the primary care provider for diagnosis, management and treatment of eye diseases and refractive disorders. Optometrists investigate and Diagnose many ocular disorders, as well as manage refractive conditions and optical aids such as specs, contact lenses and other remedial aids.

They can also Specialists in the field of contact lenses, orthopotics, low vision aids, sports vision, pediatric optometry, behaviour optometry etc.

Bachelor in hospital management

The hospital management management faculty has a new theory. Earlier a senior doctor would play the role of a hospital manager. However, nowadays everything.The specialist demands that almost everything related to the hospital has changed.

In recent times, Physiotherapy course in Kolkata has been a tremendous change in the concept of health care of people, there has been an increasing demand for high expectations and high quality. Medical care and facilities Here is the importance of health / hospital management. This is the latest concept in management field and is one of the most attractive and Career in the Health Sector According to recent US surveys, hospital management is one of the top ten millennium business that provides a direct link.

Among the health facilities and those who supply those services they need. Hospital management involves ensuring effective and financial use of a career in a career Making an organizational climate beneficial for the hospital's resources as well as the development and development of personnel.

Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology

Course objective: Medical laboratory technicians conduct regular laboratory tests under the prescribed conditions. Technologists can prepare samples and operate machines It automatically analyzes samples.

Skills and Characteristics: A medical laboratory technologist should have the highest level of dedication, honesty and responsibility. Need a medical laboratory technologist. There is also the ability to conduct research through experiments and skillful diligence, to cope with stress, to make analytical decision,

Explaining technical / scientific data, appreciating more than laboratory instrumentation and computation. Physiotherapy course in Kolkata provide of all facilities for our students, employees and outsiders.

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