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Physiotherapy Clinic in Kolkata

Nabajiban Physiotherapy Clinic in Kolkata is one of the oldest and major physiotherapy centre. We providing quality physiotherapy services to individuals, groups and corporate employees with a variety of problems. We are also offering physiotherapy services at home under the best Physiotherapy in Kolkata. The center offers a variety of physiotherapy services, i.e. sports physiotherapy, orthopedic physiotherapy and neurological disorders. We also offer physiotherapy treatment for back pain, muscular pain, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson's disease, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, slip discs etc. Nabajiban provides a holistic and simultaneous approach to evaluation and management based on the evidence of physiotherapy orthopedic, musculoskeletal, sports injuries, neuromuscular, cardiac and pediatric conditions.

Our clinic offers highly advanced physiotherapy and professional medical treatment, and each patient benefits from a detailed evaluation / assessment and personal treatment plan with the use of latest equipment, technology and manual therapy.

The ultimate goal is to work better on each patient's home, work and other social settings. It is an important part of the rehabilitation program of each patient to teach patients about their conditions and to reduce their symptoms and to maximize their work. Our Physiotherapy Clinic in Kolkata is run by a registered super specialist physiotherapist and we employ only trained professional physiotherapists. In the form of PT, physiotherapy is often an attempt to remove individuals and populations in order to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional capacity during life time. Physiotherapy Center attempts to identify and maximize the amount of life and movement within the areas of publicity, prevention, intervention / treatment, settlement and rehabilitation. It emphasizes healthy conversations with patients, caring divers, family members and other health professionals and employees, where assessment is done and goals are determined based on the knowledge and skills of the physiotherapist. Rehabilitation of stroke rehabilitation, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders and sports related injury, computer and posture related problems, rehabilitation programs for patients passing through maladaptation, postpartum and postpartum programs, total hip replacement, passing through the knee Post-operative programs for patients are included. Replacement, patellectomy, as well as post-operative cardiac rehabilitation.

Our Physiotherapy clinic try to identify and maximize the amount of life and movement within the areas of publicity, prevention, intervention / treatment, housing and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy of stroke, Knee pain physiotherapy, Flat foot physiotherapy, Scoliosis physiotherapy, Trigger finger physiotherapy, Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy etc. Rehabilitation of stroke rehabilitation, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders in the physiotherapy clinic area of expertise and sports related injury, computer, and asanas related problems and more ...

If you have any problem your bodyparts, there is a biggest problem is that when you not satisfied your work. The slightest issue with that will be shoes and slippers which are getting worse. In more serious issues, lack of balance, pain in the legs and less back pain will occur. Your Physiotherapy clinic in Kolkata understands that the muscles and tendons of the feet, especially by strengthening the arches through special exercises and massages, are key to reducing pain.

If necessary, your physiotherapist can recommend orthotic shoes, which is to dry the sun in the sun to support the arches. Remember, if such orthopedic structural defects are diagnosed in a newborn or very young child; This should be taken as soon as possible.Nabajiban Physiotherapy Clinic is equipped with the latest technology to handle all types of physiotherapy service of Physiotherapy Clinic in Kolkata.

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