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Physiotherapists in Dumdum

We provide a Physiotherapists in Dumdum service to accommodate those who can not do it in the clinic , so We want to ensure that everyone gets specialist treatment, Physiotherapists care at home will allow the rest of the family to be included in the treatment so that they can understand the situation better and give them a chance to ask any questions related to conditions from the physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy Care on Home is an established group practice in Kolkata and other cities of India. We provide customers friendly and professional service and also do comprehensive physiotherapy evaluation and treatment in the comfort and convenience of our own home. During the initial trip, the physiotherapist will take full history of the situation, full evaluation and physical examination. Assessment findings will be fully discussed with treatment options and potential treatment results. The goals of the treatment will be prepared in consultation with the customer and a plan will be prepared which will include the frequency and duration of the treatment sessions and costs.

Treatment will be started on the first day as a complimentary part of the treatment.Physiotherapists clinic is a health care profession related to human work and movement. It uses a physical approach to promoting and maintaining physical, psychological and social well-being. Physiotherapist is a movement expert in the treatment of pain and paralysis from childhood to post-life era. Exercise, advance manual therapy and rehabilitation approach, as physiotherapists treatment methods, use physical and electrical modalities. Physiotherapy helps to restore the speed and function normally, if any person is affected by injury, illness or development or other disability. physiotherapists in Dumdum are highly skilled and trained with various national and international physiotherapists and are professionally required to evaluate a comprehensive examination / patient. Find out from the examination / assessment to make a diagnostic judge. Plan for diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment Apply a physiotherapy intervention The results of any intervention / treatment recommendations for self management

Today the patients of Nabajiban Physiotherapists Clinic in Dumdum for treatment from all over the country. On the basis of education, she is specializing in Musculoskeletal and Hand Physiotherapy from the equipment is computerized and the latest model has also been approved by Kolkata, so the patient feels comfortable taking the physiotherapy treatment at different counteries here. You will talk directly to a physiotherapist, who will ask the basic details to establish whether your needs can be met by us.

Nabajiban Physiotherapists Clinic also specializes in Orthopedics and Sports Physiotherapy as well as neuro and cardio rehabilitation and works closely with other departments to get patients quick and return to work. Other areas of expertise include pain management, currency, hand skills rehabilitation, mobility training and spine rehabilitation. State-of-the-art technology ensures the best possible results for all patients.

We are creating Best physiotherapist in Dumdum for Everyone at Nabajiban. We are Team of Professionals devoted to help you in moving better. Nabajiban HAS Broader Range of Physio Accessories that is ergonomically designed. Nabajiban provide Cost Effective service at your Door Step.

All the equipments are computerized approved.

Strength of Nabajiban is Best physiotherapist Assessment, Right Diagnosis & Prevention Management to prevent diseases from reoccurrence. We provides Customized Medical fitness programs like Fitness under Physio, Yoga under Physio, Customized Diet Plan for Healthy and Fit Life.

If appropriate, an appointment will be made for the physiotherapist in Dumdum to travel at convenient times for you.

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