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About Nabajiban Clinic Physiotherapy Centre

Nabajiban Clinic

Physiotherapy courses in today's world are a practically oriented curriculum where students have to show hands-on training along with regular theory classes. Keeping this vision in mind, you can study your physiotherapy course with full enthusiasm at the Nabijiban Physiotherapy Center in Kolkata.

Our aim is to: conduct an initial assessment and ensure that all your problems are understood. According to your situation, plan your treatment based on scientific reasoning. You pay personal attention Encourage your participation in your treatment to maximize treatment benefits. Use a holistic approach. Provide solid and long-term follow-up facilities to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Nabijiban Clinic Physiotherapy Center also offers physiotherapy assessment and treatment at the comfort of home or office. For home visits, our physiotherapist will bring special tools to facilitate collection.

Physiotherapy is a work related to a health care profession that maximizes agitation and capacity. It uses physical means for evaluating, enriching, treating, maintaining and restoring physical, psychological, functional and social well-being, keeping in mind the condition of the health of a person. To handle physiotherapy needs, the Physiotherapy Department is equipped with the latest technology in Nabijiban Clinic. Treatment is provided in a friendly and caring environment.

Nabijiban Clinic Physiotherapy Department offers a wide range of services. The unit provides a wide range of clinical practice and provides a multitude of modalities to help patients return to active and healthy physical levels.

Nabajiban deals in Healthcare, Infrastructure, Medicare and also in the physiotherapy course and training. It is well known and increasingly group in Kolkata

Nabijiban Clinic Physiotherapy Center
Nabijiban Clinic
Physiotherapy Center
Nabijiban Clinic in Kolkata
Nabijiban Clinic in Dum Dum
Nabijiban Clinic

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